Top 3 Male Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Whether your in Brisbane for fun on a Vacation or having a hens Party, be Sure to stop by some of the Hottest and Biggest Strip Clubs in Brisbane. Featuring some of the hottest men you have ever laid your eye’s upon as you find all the exciting thing’s to do in Brisbane, the Entertainment capital of the World.!!!

Magic Men Male Strip Club Brisbane has some of the hottest dancers in Australia. Sexy Dancers and Hot Lap Dances Await

We want Male Strip clubs Brisbane to become the place to find the finest and best quality stripers. Please feel free to let us know about a strip club as we are always looking for new clubs. Our Male revue in Brisbane is known to be the cream of the crop.

When visiting strip clubs in Brisbane, Let loose; be generous with the tips.  If you see a man perform and you enjoy the experience thoroughly, don’t hesitate to give a good tip.  However, don’t go so crazy giving tips that you clean out your bank account.  Set a budget before you walk into the strip club so you know exactly how much you can tip each stripper.


While it may be every girl’s romantic fantasy to go walking hand-in-hand with a hunky male stripper complete with strapping arms, hulking chest and large bulges in the most surprising places, the dating game takes on a whole new dimension when you’re getting paid to have women ogle your naked body! Again, dating customers depends on individual club policy and the dancer’s own discretion.

Whether you’re new to Male strip Club Brisbane or you’re a regular customer, it’s important to remember that like at any other establishment, rules of etiquette apply. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your manners at the door; strippers and strip club employees are human beings, too. If you follow these simple rules of etiquette the next time you hit a Brisbane male strip club, you’re sure to become a welcome and well-treated customer.

Male Strippers For Hire

Hiring Male Strippers to Have a Good Time in Brisbane.

Planning a hens night, a birthday, a girls night out or maybe even a divorce party?

Male Strippers Brisbane

Hiring a male stripper is the perfect accessory for a hens’ party or a girls’ night out, either at a venue or at your own home.

Your number one place to find Male strippers in Brisbane is with us. Take the time to go through with you the different options you have for each male stripper. For example how raunchy the show is, so whether you order full nude g string or just hot pants. We also have a diverse range of guys that tailor to different looks and different age groups. Some of our guys do regular stage shows at our male strip club in Brisbane. While some are strictly private party Male strippers.

If you are planning a hen’s or bachelorette party then hiring one of our topless waiters is something you should have high on the list. Male entertainment at parties like hen’s and bachelorette’s are crucial to making it a fantastic night that all girls will enjoy. All our guys work hard at the gym to make sure they look good on the w.e. Our sexy hunks all do a diverse range of shows and can do different outfits to tailor your theme. For Example if you were do a cow boys and indians theme then we could send a cowboy stripper to you place.

Our Male strippers all have their own different strip routine which includes lots of lap dances to all of the crowd not just only the hen or birthday girl. We come to you where ever you may be, be it the city, the outer suburbs or out in the country (We allow travel to the stripper if it more then 10ks out of the cbd.)

Get in contact with us now and we will run you through the steps to hiring an AMAZING male stripper for your party.


Voted best male performance group in Australia, the ever talented and enigmatic Magic Men present MAGIC MEN “FEEL THE MAGIC,” a heart-pumping, foot stomping, jump-out-of-your-seat dance of the devilishly delicious hunks on display. These gorgeous MALE STRIPPERS know how to move, tease and toy with the crowd to burn up the stage and tear down the house. You’ll soon understand why Australia & Brisbane loves these guys.


Discover the secret to this show’s outrageous success. Spend time with your girlfriends, treat the hen to a blast or plan your special party or event with MAGIC MEN for a fantastically wild and crazy time like no other. It’s fabulous fun!


I went with some friends to see the show and it was great!! We had so much fun and the guys were so incredibly hot!!!”—Kimberly“Love, love, love the MAGIC MEN!!!! Soooo hot!!!!”—Jen“I have to say I was surprised, in a good way. I never dreamed of going to one of these shows before but I couldn’t say no. It was my boss’ party. Wow! The gorgeous guys and excitement! Best night out!” Em

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